Steve Radcliffe BFBS Aldershot

Steve has always been into music and spent much of his ten year Royal Air Force avionic career DJing in a multitude of service establishments. Towards the end of his time working for Her Majesty the Queen, he gave BFBS Northern Ireland a shout and they took him under his wing. Since then, radio has been a passion. So imagine his delight when he found out that BFBS had a studio in Aldershot, just down the road from his house.

Steve loves all sorts of music, but doesn't need any excuse to open up a big old can of funky house whenever the mood takes him (which, to his wife's dismay, is quite often). He's big into electronics and computers, but has had strict instructions not to carry out ANY modifications to the studio at Aldershot, even if he thinks he can boost the FM signal with nothing but a Raspberry Pi and some tin foil.