Luisse Shaw BFBS Falkland Islands

It was a Vietnamese pot bellied pig, name unknown, which encouraged Luisse to go and work for BFBS. A lover of wildlife and all things weird, she awoke to find the pig outside her guesthouse accommodation the morning after her interview at BFBS HQ – and took it as a good omen.

Luisse henceforth quit “the dark side” of commercial radio in 2003 and began travelling the forces’ world as a Forces Radio BFBS Producer/Presenter. With no previous knowledge of the military, she can only describe the experience as “a baptism of fire”.

After two and a half years of living out of a suitcase, taking in Northern Ireland; Cyprus; the Falkland Islands; Iraq; Bosnia and Gibraltar; Luisse was posted to Germany. She felt very inadequate not speaking the lingo and not managing to keep her garden lawn a neat vivid shade of Disney green.

After a return to the UK, Luisse worked in Aldershot before taking a brief BFBS "holiday" to have her beautiful daughter and now she has joined her husband in the Falklands and can be heard around the Island!