Luisse Shaw BFBS Falkland Islands

Luisse finds herself in the Falklands for the second time, after first setting foot in the South Atlantic in October 2005. She said:

“It’s been really interesting to see how much the islands have changed but also, lovely to meet up with familiar faces and re-visit some of my favourite places”.

Having first worked for Forces Radio, BFBS in 2003, Luisse has also been to Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, Iraq, Bosnia, Gibraltar and Aldershot Garrison in the UK.

“It’s the best job in the world, and the forces audience has a unique sense of humour, which makes it a joy to produce and present radio in this very special environment."

Luisse is lucky enough to be in the Falklands with her family, and, when not on air, likes nothing better than taking her daughter to see the penguins and running her Springer Spaniel on the beach.

She loves bringing news to air, so if you have a story to tell her, get in touch.