Jade Callaway BFBS Falkland Islands

Something about playing the recorder live on air aged six for a Mother's Day special... the less said about that the better! She joined BFBS in July 2011 after graduating from Cardiff University armed with an Accounting & Management degree and a love of radio from presenting on her student station. You might be thinking that accounting and radio have absolutely nothing in common… and you'd be right. Let's chalk that one down to a Gemini split personality!

Now shivering with the penguins in the Falkland Islands, after doing weekday shows in Cyprus which she loved. Brandy Sours, Halloumi and Sunshine - what more does a girl need? Deployed from Cyprus Jade also did a four month Afghan tour between November 2013 and March 2014 where she presented the Ops Breakfast Show. She's really glad she did it, even if it did cost her about 12 inches of hair... it was so dry and damaged from the dust that Jade almost had to get a squaddie buzz-cut. Almost but not quite!