Join The BFBS #CadetTakeover

We would like to invite you to be part of ‘The BFBS Cadet Takeover.’

The initiative encourages cadet members and units to film and submit videos that capture cadet activities on BFBS’s social media and radio channels.


You don’t need lots of technology… just imagination and great stories! BFBS is looking for short, 10-60 second videos.

Examples could include parades, cadet tutorials / ‘How To’ guides- such as how to fix a beret/shine shoes etc or footage of weekly activities and excursions.

‘The BFBS Cadet Takeover’ aims to raise the profile of local units, cadet members, illustrate the benefits of being part of a cadet force and foster inter unit competition. This also brings ownership of a key part of our radio and digital content, whilst at the same time developing the digital skills of young people.

Tips for cadets shooting videos:

  1. Put your phone on aeroplane mode.
  2. Shoot horizontally with the home button on the right
  3. Don’t zoom, move closer
  4. Hold your phone with two hands to steady yourself - and try to keep the camera as still as possible
  5. Once you've started recording, leave a small pause before starting the action you're filming

About us: Forces Radio BFBS connects forces communities worldwide, championing the work of the British Armed Forces. We broadcast in the UK on DAB radio, on FM in UK based forces stations and overseas where the British Forces serve.

How to send your video:

1. Go to 2. Click on 'add your files' and upload your video 3. In the 'email to' box, type 4. When your file has finished uploading, Click on 'transfer'


Local unit cadet officers (member of school staff responsible at CCF), must review and approve videos prior to sending.


BFBS will publish a selection of the videos sent, through our digital channels.

These will be published with the #CadetTakeover hashtag on BFBS’s website and social media channels BFBS Radio Facebook, BFBS Twitter.

BFBS retains editorial control of content. The BFBS social media and websites are public. The radio station may also use audio from the videos for the promotion of the Cadet Takeover on radio programmes in the UK and overseas.


Before participation in The BFBS Cadet Takeover, you will need to provide your contact details at the end of this form. By completing this form you are confirming you have/will have gained parental consent for each cadets’ contribution.

Parental Consent:

Parental consent forms are available here: BFBS Radio Cadet Parental Consent Form You must obtain the parental consent for children under 18 years of age. This applies for all cadets’ contribution. It is the units’ responsibility to file all parental consent forms locally.


If your cadet unit would like to be a part of ‘The BFBS Cadet Takeover’, reply by email with your unit leader consent form to

Other opportunities:

You can also nominate a ‘Cadet of Week’ for the programme Access All Areas, Sundays 10-1pm. Email:

Contact details:

Email: Telephone: Tim Humphries on 02037504147  Address: BFBS Radio. Chalfont Grove, Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, SL9 8TN